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The Self-Love Revolution

I know this all to well because I've been there

In a world full of perfectly curated Instagram photos and magazine covers, it's hard to not compare our bodies. Haven't you ever been told that comparison is the thief of joy? Well girlfriend, IT IS!

Not only that, but you have been spending years (if not your whole life) feeling uncomfortable and self conscious in your body.  The days at the beach covering your body, sitting on your friends couch using a pillow to hide your stomach, being at a fancy event feeling SO uncomfortable because the shape-wear you're wearing is SO TIGHT.

The world is constantly telling us we need to change our bodies..

Detox teas, body wraps, diet plans, magic pills, grueling workouts. I bet you've tried it all. The idea of a new plan creates a euphoric sense of hope that you will finally feel at home in your body. but soon enough every new product or diet leaves you feeling worse than before

I put my 5 years of finding body confidence into an easy-to-follow course so that you can do the same (without it taking 5 years!)

FEEL PROUD OF THE BODY you have and the person you are

UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS to achieving radical self love and having the exact steps to get there

HAVE THE GROUNDWORK for building self confidence and have your self esteem sore

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET and learn how to have a positive self talk (say good-bye to that negative nancy on your shoulder!)

FINALLY FEEL AT HOME in your body and love it unconditionally

INCREASE YOUR HEALTH physically, mentally and emotionally

The Self-Love Revolution

The Self-Love Revolution

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When you implement my proven method...

you go from this... this

Being stuck in an endless diet cycle filled with guilt and shame about your food choices and your body 

Looking in the mirror and picking apart your body wishing you could change it 

Having low self eestem that not only effects the relationship you have with yourself, but also with others 

Free from food rules, restrictions and the idea of dieting to change your body

Thriving in your career, your relationships and connections because of the work you've done to gain back your confidence  

Fully accepting, respecting and appreciating your body, your home. 

Learn what the 3 elements that make up self-love are and how to practice and identify each element

Understand and map out what your self-worth is and how to change your mindset around your self perception

How to be more self-compassionate to yourself, just like you are to others

The Self-Love Blueprint

module 1

How to identify your negative body image thoughts and how to shut them off

Learn how to build a strong foundation when it comes to your body image so you can heal your relationship with your body

Guided exercises that will help you look in the mirror and start appreciating what you see

Discover the truth to body diversity and why all bodies are good bodies

Reverse Your Body Image

module 2

Understanding of why diets don't work and uncover the lies you've been fed from diet culture

Learn how restriction causes binges and future diet failures and how dieting effects your life physically, mentally and emotionally

Learn a few Intuitive Eating principles and how to eat those "forbidden foods" without guilt or shame

Break The Diet Cycle

module 3

Learn what gentle nutrition is and why it's so successful

Understand the benefits of macronutrients and micronutrients and why your body needs them

Learn how to care for your body though food satisfaction

Discover why bodies need different vitamins and how you can easily add them into your life without taking out your favorite things

Gentle Nutrition

module 4

Learn what mindset you currently have and how to switch it to a mindset you want

Understand how mindset plays a roll in self-love and body confidence

Learn what affirmations are, how they work and how you can start using them today to change your perception

Makeover Your Mindset

module 5

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here's how the course breaks down...

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Join the hundreds of women who have gained back their confidence and learned the art of self-love

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The Self-Love Revolution is the course for creating the confident life you desire and deserve

You're tired of constantly feeling like you need to change your body in order to be happy

You want to thrive in your every day life

You're ready to have your relationships soar (romantically too!)

You want to learn the art of self-love and finally feel at home in your body

You deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your body

- Mary E., SLR student 

"this course is worth 5x the amount. i would enroll in this again and again. ive already told all my friends that they need this course."

- Amy E., SLR student

"all my life my confidence was in the gutter. I had no self worth and it showed in other areas of my life. this course has completely changed my mindset and how i feel about myself"

- Karen L., SLR student 

"I was doubtful this would work for me since i feel like i've tried everything but wow i was wrong. you need this!"

The Word On The Street...

THE SLR HEALS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF. This isn't a one time course. You have lifetime access and any additions!


THE SLR TEACHES YOU HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF WITHOUT RESTRICTION. Forget dieting. With the tools in the SLR, you'll learn how to fuel your body from a place of love and respect.


THE SLR TEACHES YOU HOW TO HAVE APPRECIATION for your body. Through my processes, tools, and exercises you have a literal blueprint for success.


my mission is to help you gain your confidence back that the world has stripped away so you thrive in all areas of your life

what the self-love revolution teaches you

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Someone who is ready to embody self-confidence and learn how to love themselves and their body

Someone who is ready to learn how to listen and respect their bodies

Someone who cared about their health but struggles with how to honor it

Someone who is looking to jump of the self hate train so that they can find joy and satisfaction

who is this for?

I'm a clinical nutritionist turned self love activist who has helped hundreds of women just like you break free from the vicious cycle of dieting and gain self-confidence, food freedom and body acceptance

I too struggled with the constant feeling of having to change my body to fit societies standards.

Together we will break down those thoughts and feelings and build up your confidence not only in your food choices, but also your relationships, friendships and yourself

Hey girlfriend, I'm Emma

Meet your coach!

is there live coaching?

No, this self paced course does not include live coaching from me BUT it does include 24/7 Voxer support from me if you have any questions

Private coaching is available for an additional cost. Send me an email at for more info

Can you guarantee results with the SLR?

Absolutely! I have never had a student NOT gain confidence and self-love and acceptance after this course. Don't be fooled, you do have to put in the work, and some of it may be uncomfortable. But growth comes from uncomfortability.

how long do I have access to the course for?

You get lifetime access! I constantly am adding more resources so you'll get access to everything I add at no additional charge

What happens after I hit the buy button for the SLR?

You'll immediately be sent an access email to the online portal and you can get started! Everything you need is inside the course portal.

how do I know if this is the right investment for me?

If you're looking to feel comfortable and confident in your body, learn how to start to heal your relationship with food and how to thrive in all areas of your life then this is the course for you!

How does this course work?

This is a self paced course so once you purchase you'll get an email with access to the online portal and you can get started right away!

Common Q's and A's:

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- Sarah G

"My relationships have improved 10x since joining the slr! I'm so grateful for Emma & this course."

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